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Paternity and legitimation are at issue when a child is born out of wedlock, and one or both of the parents want to legally establish custody, visitation and child support.  The body of law in Georgia regarding paternity and legitimation is unique. An experienced paternity/legitimation lawyer will be able to help their client decide what legal action, if any, to take, to establish paternity or legitimate a child.  

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Paternity Questions

How much is a paternity or legitimation test?

Typically, a court-approved legitimation or paternity test requires a clinician to swab the mouth of the father and minor child, and for the clinician to send the genetic samples to the lab for processing. Such a test costs about $150.00. There are less expensive methods, such as a mail- in genetic test that one can purchase online or in pharmacies, however, these do not met the authenticity requirements to be admitted as evidence in court. A paternity or legitimation lawyer will recommend their client to do what they think is best under the client’s individual circumstances.

How long does a paternity / legitimation test take?

Once a genetic sample is taken and submitted, it usually takes the lab 5-10 business days to issue a result. A legitimation or paternity lawyer has a few labs that they prefer clients to use.

Do I need a lawyer for a legitimation or paternity test?

No. One can conduct a paternity / legitimation test on their own.