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Child support is a serious matter in the State of Georgia. In order to establish child support payments, at a minimum, a parent must present evidence of gross monthly income and health insurance costs for the child. The best child support attorneys know how to use the child support worksheets and ask their clients for specific information used to calculate child support. To enforce child support orders, one can ask for an Income Deduction Order or file a contempt action against the non-paying parent. An experienced child support attorney will be able to evaluate your situation and provide you with options available to you to establish or enforce your child support order.

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A Consummate Professional! I was referred the counsel of Suzanne Henrickson when I needed a good attorney for my contested Child Support review back in 2016. Suzanne was thorough, well prepared and, hands down, dealt with representing my children in the most effective way in court. I immediately felt that she had my back and understood completely what we were dealing with. In the end, the judge ruled in favor of the state recommendation for child support guidelines in our case and took a no nonsense approach with my ex husband and his attorney. She knows her stuff! She is tough and smart and you want those qualities in an attorney. I also felt that her retainer was fair and that she was not in it for what some attorneys charge. I’d consider her again in a heartbeat for any family law cases!

Former Client

Honest attorney. Suzanne is a straight forward, no-nonsense type of person...she shoots you straight and does not pull any punches. She just lays the options out there for you and explains each so you can make the best decision for you. Extremely knowledgeable about the law. Should I ever need to, I would hire her again in a heartbeat!


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Child Support Questions

How do I file for child support?

One must initiate a lawsuit against the parent of their child to obtain a child support order that is enforceable. Examples of types of lawsuits include: divorce, paternity/legitimation, or a child support enforcement case.

How much does a child support lawyer cost?

Every child support lawyer sets their own price for their services. The cost will depend on the complication of the case. Divorces, generally speaking, cost more than legitimations, legitimations typically cost more than a child support enforcement case. Most child support attorneys will require a retainer fee paid up front and an hourly billable rate commensurate with their years of experience and location.

Do I need a lawyer to get child support?

One does not necessarily need a lawyer to establish or enforce a child support order. Particularly, parents who are unmarried may apply to open up a case to establish or enforce a child support order with their local child support enforcement office for a small administration fee. If married or seeking to legitimate/establish paternity, however, one typically benefits from the assistance of an experienced child support attorney and one cannot typically file a case with child support enforcement in these situations.

Do I need a lawyer for a child support hearing?

No, one does not need a lawyer in the state of Georgia to present their case to a judge. However, most individuals do not know what evidence needs to be presented or how to present it. A knowledgeable child support attorney should make the process more efficient and effect for the client.